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Defence Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group

CTD Success Stories

The CTD Program has had significant success with providing opportunities for industry to demonstrate innovative technology.

There are three key milestones for a successful CTD project:

  • successfully demonstrated
  • funded to develop (via the Defence Innovation Realisation Fund or other funding sources)
  • transitioned to Defence.

The Capability Technology Demonstrator is being fully integrated into the Defence Innovation Hub in 2017. Capability and technology demonstrations are covered by Phase 2 of the Defence Innovation Hubís four phases of innovation development.


An image of a haptic robot vehicle, courtesy of Deakin University's Centre for Intelligent Systems Research.

Haptically-enabled robotic vehicle


The Centre for Intelligent Systems Research at Deakin University has developed a mobile platform with a controllable arm that gives operators a sense of the weight and solidity of an object being manipulated.Learn more

An image of RAAF Heron from Project NANKEEN

Kestral aerial surveillance system


Kestrel is a video motion target indication technology produced by Sentient.Learn more

Components and hardware on static display at the demonstration for the Naval Automated Personnel Tracker system.

Naval automated personnel tracking


This tracking system, developed by Blue Glue, ensures the whereabouts of all personnel aboard a vessel can be known at all times through use of wearable radio transmitter tags.Learn more

Thales Australia engineers operating the in board system.

Fibre Laser Sensor Array


The Fibre Laser Sensor array, jointly developed by DST and Thales Australia, is a sea-bed surveillance array that detects sound with extreme sensitivity using micro-sized lasers embedded in the core of optic fibres.Learn more

An image of a soldier adjusting a glide bomb.

Joint Direct Attack Munition - Extended Range (JDAM-ER)


The Joint Direct Attack Munition - Extended Range (JDAM-ER) is a significant success story for DST Group.Learn more