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Defence Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group

Strategic Policy Division

Strategic Policy Division is the Australian Defence Organisation’s strategic policy planning division within Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group. It is an integral part of Defence's strategic centre.

Strategic Policy Division is responsible for providing strategic policy advice to the Australian Government and the Defence leadership, to inform long-term strategic defence policy settings. These long-term strategic policy settings involve the alignment of Defence strategy, capability and resourcing within Defence to ensure that the Australian Government’s strategic defence objectives can be met.

Strategic guidance from Strategic Policy Division shapes decisions and plans for major defence strategy and policy decisions, intelligence policy, military capabilities, operational concepts and military operations. The division also oversights the implementation and resourcing of the Australian Government's strategic direction for Defence including the development and implementation of key defence planning and policy documents including the Defence White Paper, Strategy Framework and Defence Planning Guidance.

The division connects Defence to broader government consideration of key foreign and national security policy issues including in relation to counter terrorism, foreign investment, space, cyber, counter proliferation and critical infrastructure. This requires close engagement across government agencies, including Foreign Affairs, Treasury and security agencies.  It also has a regulatory role in relation to the Woomera Prohibited Area and engages think-tanks, including through the provision of research support on issues related to defence and national security.

The division is comprised of five branches:

  • Strategic Policy
  • Military Strategy
  • Strategic Critical Infrastructure and Foreign Investment
  • Intelligence Policy
  • Strategic Capability and Security Policy.