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Defence Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group

International Policy Division

International Policy Division provides strategic-level policy advice to the Australian Government on the central issues of Australia's Defence policy, including international Defence relations and ADF operations.

The role of International Policy Division is to:

  • provide policy advice to the Minister, Secretary and the CDF, the Services and Defence Groups on Defence international engagement
  • manage Defence's international relationships and the Defence Cooperation Program
  • provide policy guidance for ADF operations and international defence activities, and
  • manage Defence representation overseas.
Overseas Posts

The division includes four branches and three directorates:

  • South and South-East Asia Branch
  • Global Interests Branch
  • Major Powers Branch
  • Pacific and Timor-Lesté Branch
  • Directorate of Attaché and Overseas Management
  • Directorate of International Training and Visits
  • Directorate of Planning, Innovation and Assessment.

In addition, the division manages Australia's Overseas Defence Attachés and Advisers, who between them are accredited to over 50 countries and international organisations.