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Defence Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group

Defence Industry Policy Division

Defence Industry Policy Division was established in Strategy Group on 14 December 2015 to inform and improve how Defence approaches industry engagement and innovation.

Defence Industry Policy Statement

The division has responsibility for effective implementation of the Australian Government’s approach to Defence industry policy and creation of a strategy-led program of industry engagement and innovation which ensures:

  • strong Defence-industry partnerships
  • the development of new opportunities for competitive Australian companies
  • effective management of industry programs with clear performance indicators
  • a new approach to the way Defence manages innovation
  • greater transparency of future Defence needs for industry
  • a strong alignment between industry’s investment in skills and technology and Defence’s capability requirements
  • a reduction in red tape.

The Division comprises three branches: Defence Capability and Innovation Branch, Defence Export Controls Branch (previously Defence Export Control Office), and Defence Industry Branch.

Defence Industry Branch

The Defence Industry Branch is accountable and responsible for Defence industry policy, including driving implementation of the 2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement.

Current initiatives underway in the branch are the Australian Industry Capability Program, the Sovereign Industrial Capability Assessment Framework, the Defence Industry Capability Plan, the development of a Defence Industry Skilling and STEM Strategy, and a range of skilling and STEM industry assistance initiatives, including four School Pathways Programs and the Defence Industry Internship Program.

The branch also works closely with the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) to deliver a range of programs to ensure that Australian defence firms have every opportunity to enhance their capacity for innovation, skilling and productivity. This includes making the most of business opportunities within Australia and overseas.

Defence Export Controls Branch

The Department of Defence is responsible for administering controls on the export of defence and strategic goods and technologies and the granting of authorisations to export, in the form of permits and licenses. Within Defence, this role is done by the Defence Export Controls Branch. Our mission is to enable the responsible export of defence and strategic goods and technologies by:

  • providing early advice to producers and developers on the control status and exportability of their good, service and technology
  • issuing permits and licences for controlled exports
  • delivering outreach programs to enable exporters to meet their obligations under relevant Australian regulations and legislation
  • contributing to Australia's international efforts to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction through participation in multilateral non-proliferation and export control regimes
  • authorising end-user and non-transfer certificates for the import of controlled defence and strategic goods, and
  • providing assistance with re-transfer approvals for foreign-sourced defence items.

Learn more about Defence Exports Controls Branch.

Defence Capability and Innovation Branch

The Defence Capability and Innovation Branch is responsible for managing a consolidated portfolio of innovation investment under the Defence Innovation Hub, the government's signature defence innovation development program, established in December 2016. The Hub is funded at $640 million decade to 2025-26 and provides a single innovation development pipeline for defence industry and research organisations to develop new and innovative capability.

For more information about the Defence Innovation Hub visit:


The Defence Capability and Innovation Branch also has responsibility for the governance of the new innovation system, and provides secretariat support to the Hub Investment Advisory Group and the Innovation Steering Group.

Innovation Steering Group (Band 2/2 Star)

The Innovation Steering Group (ISG) is co-chaired by the First Assistant Secretary Defence Industry Policy and Chief Science Strategy and Program. The ISG has been established to drive an integrated, portfolio approach to Defence innovation investment as part of the 2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement.

Hub Investment Advisory Group (Band 1/1 Star)

The Hub Investment Advisory Group (HIAG) is chaired by the Assistant Secretary Defence Capability and Innovation. The HIAG will provide advice on proposed Defence Innovation Hub investments to maintain a balanced portfolio of innovation investment aligned with the strategic investment priorities set by the Defence Investment Committee, and detailed investment parameters set by the Innovation Steering Group.


Defence recognises the outstanding achievements of existing innovation programs, over many years. A number of existing Defence innovation development programs now operate under the strategic guidance of the Defence Innovation Hub to deliver a simplified, and more streamlined and balanced portfolio of innovation investment. These programs include:

  • Capability Technology Demonstrator (CTD)
  • Rapid Prototyping Development and Evaluation (RPDE)
  • Defence Innovation Realisation Fund (DIRF)
  • Priority Industry Capability Development Fund (PICDF)
  • Chief Information Officer Group Innovation Program

The new Defence Innovation Hub will build on the success of existing programs and will provide:

  • Greater transparency for industry and academia about Defence innovation investment priorities.
  • Streamlined processes supported by new, purpose built contracting suite, IP principles and an ICT system.

We are currently in a transition period where these existing programs operate under the strategic guidance of the Defence Innovation Hub ahead of full integration into a unified program by the end of 2017.