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Pay and Conditions

ADF Member's Guide

Salary non-reduction provisions

Sometimes Defence makes decisions that may impact negatively on your salary. However, Defence may continue to pay your current salary for a set time.

Who can get salary non-reduction provisions?

You may get salary non-reduction provisions if you are a member of the:

  • Permanent Forces
  • Reserves on continuous full-time service, or
  • Reserves on Reserve service.

What is the salary non-reduction period?

You may get the same salary under the salary non-reduction provision for a certain period of time.

This depends on your rank, employment category and any specified conditions. Your service during this period counts as service for determining rank and pay increments.

When do these provisions apply?

You may be able to access the non-salary reduction provision if:

  • you are transferred from one employment category to another
  • your employment category is transferred to a lower pay grade
  • your employment category is restructured, or
  • your specialist career structure is restructured.

If you were an enlisted member and you have been appointed as an officer, there may be other provisions.

If you are posted as a Recruit instructor to Army 1st Recruit Training Battalion, you may get the same provisions as before your posting.

When don't these provisions apply?

These provisions don't apply if:

  • your performance is not satisfactory
  • the transfer is your choice
  • the transfer is a result of disciplinary action or administrative sanction
  • you're reduced in rank
  • you're a serving member who starts training so you can move into another employment category
  • you no longer hold a competency under the specialist career structure
  • you're on a transitional salary structure that provides salary non-reduction, as determined by the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal.

If your salary increases to a rate higher than the salary non-reduction provision, you won’t get it any more.

More information about this allowance can be found in Chapter 3 Part 2 Division 5.

More information about the salary non-reduction period can be found in Annex 3.2.A, 3.2.B, 3.2.C and 3.2.D.

Important information

As the name suggests, this Member's Guide is designed as a guide to help you understand how your pay and conditions work. It is not a legal document. Therefore, if there is any conflict between the Member's Guide and Defence Determination 2016/19, Conditions of Service (and the Determinations made by the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal), as compiled in PACMAN, PACMAN is the authority.

This Member's Guide does not incorporate or make provision for members on a flexible service determination.

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