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Removal of furniture and effects

You may have to move frequently, sometimes at short notice. You may get your furniture and effects removed at Defence expense.

Who can get furniture and effects removed at Defence expense?

You may get your furniture and effects removed at Defence expense if you are a member of the:

  • Permanent Forces, or
  • Reserves on continuous full-time service.

What furniture and effects can be removed at Defence expense?

Your furniture and effects may be removed as long as they are normal household items that can be easily removed. This means:

  • two people can move the item, and
  • a forklift or crane isn’t needed to move the item.

You can remove the following items:

  • a small boat, canoe or kayak (no longer than 5.7m, no heavier than 51kg)
  • a larger boat which fits onto a trailer (a towable item)
  • a dismantled and securely packed lawn locker or tool shed, or
  • a motor bike, trail bike or mini-bike (drained of oil and fuel, which you have packed and crated).

What furniture and effects can't be removed at Defence expense?

There are some items you can't remove at Defence expense:

  • dangerous items (fire arms, flammable goods, empty gas bottles)
  • living items (plants or animals)
  • irreplaceable items (jewellery, fur, collections)
  • bulk fuel (firewood, coal)
  • building items (timber, bricks), or
  • hard to trace items (money).

What if I need something urgently?

You may need household items earlier than the rest of your furniture and effects.

These may be removed by the Defence removalist or you can organise and pay for the removal yourself. It depends on what is cost effective in the time frame.

You may be reimbursed for the cost of the removal (by road, rail or sea) and removal insurance if you organise and pay for it yourself.

When can I hire replacement items?

An item may be lost or damaged beyond repair during a removal at Defence expense. You may have to hire a replacement until your claim is processed. You may be reimbursed the hire of the replacement item if the original was:

  • packed by the Defence removalist
  • useable at uplift
  • an essential household item, and
  • reported to Toll Transitions at the new location.

You won't get reimbursed for any hire after you:

  • get the original item delivered or repaired, or
  • are reimbursed for the lost or damaged item.

What if my washing machine is lost or damaged?

Your washing machine may be lost or damaged during removal. You can’t find a suitable replacement to hire at your new location.

You may have to use a laundromat to wash and dry your clothes. You may be reimbursed the cost of using the laundromat.

Can I get reimbursed for technical help to dismantle and install items?

You may get reasonable labour costs reimbursed for technical help to dismantle and reinstall some items. This includes:

  • a TV satellite dish
  • a security alarm system
  • window-mounted air conditioners
  • audio visual equipment, or
  • professional emptying of gas bottles.

You may only get reimbursed for installation if the same item was dismantled in the previous removal.

You can't get reimbursed for major alterations to windows or building structures.

You must get any required approvals for the installation or dismantling from your landlord, local authority or removalist. You must give your receipt for the work done to Toll Transitions.

Can I arrange a private removal?

You may choose to arrange a private removal. You may have personal reasons for this, or you may need to move urgently for Service reasons.

Before you arrange anything, confirm you can do so at Defence expense.

You may arrange the move through a removal company or do it yourself.

You can’t get reimbursed for a private removal if you arrange it:

  • before a posting authority is issued, or
  • in advance of ceasing continuous full-time service.

Can I get reimbursed the costs for a private removal?

You may get reimbursed for a private removal:

  • up to the amount it would have cost for a Defence removalist, or
  • reasonable costs if you do it yourself.

This includes the hire and fuel costs for a removal vehicle or vehicle allowance for a private vehicle.

Can I get storage at Defence expense for a private removal?

You may get storage at Defence expense if your items:

  • are in the Defence removalist's store, or
  • would have been stored at Defence expense if it weren't a private removal.

More information about removal of furniture and effects can be found in Chapter 6 Part 5 Division 2.

Important information

As the name suggests, this Member's Guide is designed as a guide to help you understand how your pay and conditions work. It is not a legal document. Therefore, if there is any conflict between the Member's Guide and Defence Determination 2016/19, Conditions of Service (and the Determinations made by the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal), as compiled in PACMAN, PACMAN is the authority.

This Member's Guide does not incorporate or make provision for members on a flexible service determination.

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