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Pay and Conditions

ADF Member's Guide

Leave without pay

Leave without pay allows you to have leave when there is no other leave type that is suitable and available.

Who can get leave without pay?

You may get leave without pay if you are a member of the:

  • Permanent Forces, or
  • Reserves on continuous full-time service.

How do I get leave without pay?

You must apply for leave without pay. Your application may be refused, as leave without pay is not an entitlement.

Which criteria affect my leave without pay application?

The criteria which may affect your leave without pay application are:

  • why you are taking leave without pay
  • how long you want to take leave without pay for
  • ADF operational efficiency
  • how long you have served
  • if you have enough other suitable leave that you could use
  • any training or study you may want to do while on leave without pay
  • how likely you are to return to service after your leave without pay
  • your or your dependants' personal circumstances
  • any approved employment outside the ADF, and
  • any other relevant factor.

You won't usually get leave without pay for more than two years, unless you go with your serving member spouse or partner to a new posting location.

You can't use leave without pay for unpaid maternity leave.

Does leave without pay affect my conditions of service?

Leave without pay may affect your conditions of service. This includes your salary and allowances, future leave accruals and housing.

Your medical and dental coverage may continue while you are on leave without pay.

If you have a flexible service determination (weeks per month pattern of service), you are on leave without pay during your non-working period.

More information about leave without pay can be found in Chapter 5 Part 10 Division 1.

More information about allowances and reimbursements during leave without pay can be found in Chapter 5 Part 10 Division 1 Annex 5.10.A.

Important information

As the name suggests, this Member's Guide is designed as a guide to help you understand how your pay and conditions work. It is not a legal document. Therefore, if there is any conflict between the Member's Guide and Defence Determination 2016/19, Conditions of Service (and the Determinations made by the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal), as compiled in PACMAN, PACMAN is the authority.

This Member's Guide does not incorporate or make provision for members on a flexible service determination.

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