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Pay and Conditions

ADF Member's Guide

Antarctic allowances

You may get Antarctic allowances if you are posted to or serve in Antarctica. These allowances make up for the special demands of service in Antarctica.

There are three kinds of allowances:

  • Antarctic
  • common duties, and
  • Antarctic parity.

Who can get Antarctic allowance?

You may get Antarctic allowance if you are a member of the:

  • Permanent Forces, or
  • Reserves on continuous full-time service.

When can I get Antarctic allowance?

You may get Antarctic allowance if you:

  • are posted to or serving in Antarctica, and
  • are directed to undertake duties as part of an expedition, or
  • travel to Antarctica with an expedition but are not part of it.

What happens if I take leave before I start duty in Australia?

You may finish in Antarctica and get recreation leave before you start duty in Australia. Your recreation leave will start after any:

  • travelling leave
  • hospitalisation
  • absent from duty due to illness, or
  • duty you have to perform before your recreation leave.

You may get Antarctic allowance for the number of recreation leave days you accrued.

If you take long service leave, you don't get Antarctic allowance unless you stay in Antarctica.

Can I get other allowances at the same time?

If you get maritime disability allowance and Antarctic allowance at the same time, you get whichever rate is higher.

When can I get common duties allowance?

You may get common duties allowance if you:

  • get Antarctic allowance
  • are directed to perform additional, unrelated duties, and
  • perform those duties.

You may get either an annual rate or a pro-rata rate of allowance.

When can I get Antarctic parity allowance?

The Antarctic parity allowance makes up for any difference between the APS and ADF salary and allowances.

You may get Antarctic parity allowance if you:

  • volunteer to serve in Antarctica
  • serve with an expedition in an established APS position
  • can't get APS salary and allowances for that position
  • aren't posted to a ship or establishment, and
  • aren't on leave without pay.

More information about this allowance and specific rates can be found in Chapter 4 Part 4 Division 6, Division 7, and Division 8.

Important information

As the name suggests, this Member's Guide is designed as a guide to help you understand how your pay and conditions work. It is not a legal document. Therefore, if there is any conflict between the Member's Guide and Defence Determination 2016/19, Conditions of Service (and the Determinations made by the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal), as compiled in PACMAN, PACMAN is the authority.

This Member's Guide does not incorporate or make provision for members on a flexible service determination.

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