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Chapter 8 : Members and their dependants

8.0.1 Overview

This Chapter contains information about conditions of service relating to member's dependants. It deals with the range of conditions available, including education assistance, emergency support for families, dependants with special needs, assistance on relationship breakdown and other related conditions.

8.0.2 Contents

This Chapter includes the following Parts.

Part 1 Categories of member – dependants

Part 2 Summary of conditions assisting dependants within Australia

Part 3 Member with dependants (unaccompanied)

Part 4 Education assistance

Part 5 Emergency Support for Families Scheme

Part 6 Dependants with special needs

Part 7 Family assistance for attendance at a Court of Inquiry

Part 8 Family assistance for attendance at a coronial inquest

Part 9 National ADF Family Health Program

Part 10 Reserve Assistance Program

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.


Copies of forms are available on the webforms system or through the Defence Service Centre.

  • AE681, ADF Categorisation Change and approval to Live-In/Live-Out

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