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Part 8: Rent allowance

7.8.1 Overview

This Part sets out the principles for giving rent allowance, who can get it and how to apply for it. It also explains how to work out the member's contribution toward the cost of the rented home.

7.8.2 Purpose

Rent allowance is a form of housing assistance paid to a member who rents a home to live in. It supports a member who is eligible for housing assistance to occupy a suitable home in the private rental sector.

7.8.3 ...

7.8.4 Contents

This Part includes the following Divisions.

Division 1 Member eligible for rent allowance

Division 2 Rent ceilings

Division 3 Contributions

Division 4 How rent allowance is worked out

Division 5 Events that will end or limit benefit

Division 6 Advances and repayments

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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