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Annex 3.5.CA: Completion bonuses – INDMAN Instructions as in force on 30 June 2001

This Annex is policy guidance, except for the text of Defence Determination 1998/7.

See: Part 2, RAN Observer completion bonus scheme.

This Annex comprises of 5 parts setting out the text of the following items from the Manual of salaries and conditions of service for the Permanent Forces (INDMAN) as in force on 30 June 2001.

Part 1 Medical and dental officers' completion bonus (former INDMAN Instruction 0716)

Part 2 RAN Observer completion bonus scheme (including the text of Defence Determination 1998/7 and the former INDMAN Instruction 0717)

Part 3 RAN submariner completion bonus scheme (former INDMAN Instruction 0720)

Part 4 ADF completion bonuses as eligible termination payments (ETP) – clarification of administrative advice

Part 5 ADF completion bonuses – clarification of administrative advice

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