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Division 6: Meal and clothing allowances – member posted on or after 1 July 2017

15.2A.26 Purpose

This Part provides meal and clothing allowances for a member living at a posting location overseas in specific circumstances.

15.2A.27 Meal allowance – additional duty

  1. A member is eligible for meal allowance if they perform additional duty that meets all of the following.
    1. The duty is for a period of at least three hours before or after the member's normal period of duty.
    2. The duty is over a meal period.
    3. The member does not get a meal break.
  2. Despite subsection 1, a member is not eligible for meal allowance if either of the following apply.
    1. A meal is provided at no cost to the member.
    2. The member has received travelling allowance for that meal period.
  3. The rate of meal allowance is worked out as follows.

  4. Meal allowance (in local currency) = 30.60 x (A x B / 100)


    A is the exchange rate used to pay salary to members for the pay period in which the additional duty occurred

    B is the post index used to calculate overseas allowances for the posting index location under section 12.3.14A for the pay period in which the additional duty occurred.

  5. For the purpose of subsection 1, a meal period means one of the following.
    1. A meal period set out in section 1.3.39, Meal period.
    2. A period the CDF approves as an equivalent period at the posting location having regard to local meal times and the hours of duty that the member normally observes.

15.2A.28 Meal costs in temporary accommodation

A member is eligible for the reimbursement for the cost of meals, up to the limit for each day set out in Annex 13.3.A, if both of the following apply.

  1. The member is directed to live in at the posting location.
  2. A meal has not been provided to the member.

15.2A.29 Special garment allowance

A member is eligible for the reimbursement of costs for special garments for themselves and their dependants if the CDF is satisfied it is reasonable having regard to a dress code imposed by religious custom or law at the posting location.

Note: This includes special garments a dependant may require during a reunion visit to the posting location.


Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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