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Part 2 : Overseas travel benefits

13.2.1 Overview

  1. When a member travels overseas on short-term duty, they are eligible for travel in particular classes. They may also be eligible for rest periods for the journey.

  2. This Part covers these and other travel-related benefits for members.

  3. Note: Before booking travel members and administrators must take into consideration Joint Directive 27/2012.

13.2.2 Definitions

This table defines terms used in this Part

Term Definition in this Chapter
Time zone hour A change of one time zone during air travel, measured using Coordinated Universal Time (old Greenwich Mean Time).
Travel time A period that:
  • begins with the latest allowed check-in time for the scheduled departure
  • ends with the actual arrival time at the destination airport
  • excludes all:
    • rest periods
    • leave
    • stopovers where members are not on duty.

13.2.3 Contents

This Part includes these Divisions.

Division 1 Class of air travel

Division 2 Rest periods

Division 3 Accompanied travel

Division 4 Miscellaneous costs of short-term duty overseas

Application to Reservists: Yes.

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