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Chapter 12 : Overseas conditions of service – overview


  1. Chapters 12 to 17 set out conditions of service for members performing duty overseas.

  2. These Chapters apply to both ADF members and APS employees.

  3. Exception: Most of Chapter 17 (Warlike and non-warlike deployments) applies to eligible ADF members only. The only provision of Chapter 17 that applies to APS employees is for operational support duty.

    See: Chapter 17 Part 8, APS employees – operational support duty

  4. For ADF members, the overseas conditions of service are authorised by Chapters 12 to 17 of Defence Determination 2016/19, Conditions of service. The Determination is made under section 58B of the Defence Act 1903. It has the force of law and must be complied with. These Chapters are reproduced as Chapters 12 to 17 of the Manual.

  5. See: Defence Act 1903, section 58B

  6. For APS employees, the overseas conditions of service are authorised under Clause H6 of the Defence Enterprise Agreement 2017-2020. This clause authorises the Secretary to determine additional conditions of service for employees travelling and working overseas on short-term duty, long-term postings or in support of a specified ADF operation. Clause H6 applies the relevant parts of Chapters 12 to 17 of the Manual to APS employees.

  7. See: Defence Enterprise Agreement 2017-2020, clause H6

  8. Additional administrative guidance is provided on some aspects. Unless otherwise shown, this guidance applies equally to ADF members and APS employees.


This Chapter includes these Parts.

Part 1 General information on Chapters 12 to 16

Part 2 Advice and administration for overseas conditions of service

Part 3 Definitions for Chapters 12 to 17

Part 4 Employment with the UN – ADF only

Part 5 Employment with the UN – APS only

Application to Reservists: Yes, in certain circumstances.

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