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Meghean Shepherd - Cranbourne

One of the critical areas of any military unit is its administration office.

On overseas operations it's even more vital as it also coordinates the travel, accommodation, pay, administration and leave of all ADF personnel.

Working in the Australian Task Group Afghanistan headquarters orderly room at Hamid Karzai International Airport Kabul is Royal Australian Air Force's CPL Meghean Shepherd (nee Papageorgiou).

CPL Shepherd grew up in Cranbourne in Victoria and completed her VCE at Lyndhurst Secondary College in Cranbourne in 2004.

Her role in Afghnaistan has her working more than 11,000km from her home town as the task group's administration coordination clerk.

"My job is to meet ADF personnel when they come into Kabul on flights and I organise all of their induction and safety briefs," CPL Shepherd said.

"I allocate them their accomodation rooms and also book their travel when they take their two weeks leave mid-way through their deployment.

"This would have to be the most enjoyable part of what I do here, as it's the one thing people work towards during their deployment and it's good for everyone's morale."

CPL Shepherd's job is an important one and can be sometimes extremely busy.

"A role in an orderley room in any ADF unit is diverse and overseas it's even more important," she said.

"I'm the first person who meets them as they get off the plane here and it can be sometimes a daunting experience for someone landing in Kabul for the first time not knowing what to expect.

"When people arrive they need to be able to focus on someone who will give them the right information and advice."

CPL Shepherd deployed shortly after being promoted to her current rank and has learnt a lot from her job.

"I've definitely been able to develop both my personal and work skills in this role," she said.

"I've had the chance to work with a lot of different people from different services, ranks and nations.

"I came here as a junior corporal and I now feel I can go home as an established corporal and can take on the world.

"It's been an incredible experience."