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Ben Hibbert - Bendigo

CPL Ben Hibbert is serving in Afghanistan as the Second in Command of the Up-Armoured SUV Drive Team in Kabul.

His job while deployed is dangerous work, providing protected mobility and security for personnel in Kabul, but Ben is enjoying the challenge of commanding a team in these conditions.

"Being on deployment and in command of a team is one of the best jobs, having command and making decisions in a real-time threat environment," he said.

"The best way to describe it is at the moment it is the most dangerous job, in the most dangerous city in the world."

Ben has been an Army Reservist for 10 years now having started as a student in Melbourne.

Since becoming an Army Reserve member, Ben has deployed to the Solomon Islands, worked in units in Tasmania, Melbourne and Bendigo and has undertaken a Tasman Exchange training opportunity with the New Zealand Army.

Ben has worked with the Defence Materiel Organisation in a number of roles including as a test driver and Testing Officer, supported by his Reserve work.

Since his student days he's enjoyed the flexibility working as a Reservist gives him.

"Having a flexible work schedule makes it a lot easier to come and go as I please," he said.

"When working with Defence I am allocated Defence Reserve leave to undertake reserve training.

"While at uni it was good as I could do reserve work during uni break and also shuffle study to fit around reserve work when required."

Ben's wife is also a reservist and understands the effort required to deploy on both the home and works fronts.

He's grateful for the support from home and the opportunities gained through deploying.

"Having a wife that is also a reservist makes it a lot easier as she understands what is required," he said.

"It is difficult the length of time away from home.

"Not receiving all the news and missing out on events and things with friends at home."

Ultimately for Ben the hardships of deployment are balanced with the satisfaction of deploying.

"I have been trying to get on a deployment ever since my last one," he said.

"You don't get to experience anything else like it, doing your job for real and making a real contribution."