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LCPL Eamon Hale - Kew

27-year old Eamon Hale from Kew is living out his dream of driving an armoured vehicle during his deployment to Afghanistan.

The Kew High School graduate is serving his country in Afghanistan where he commands a Bushmaster protected mobility vehicle which transports Aussie soldiers at the Afghan National Army Officer Academy near the capital of Kabul.

"As a kid I thought the idea of driving a tank and shooting its cannon was really cool," he said.

"Ten years later I get to live my dream; every kid wants to sit in the turret and shoot a big gun."

Eamon joined the Army as a reservist in 2004 at the age of 17 before transferring to full time service three years later.

Eamon is now a lance corporal serving with the Joint Task Force 633 which commands Australia's military involvement in the Middle East.

Cruising around in a Bushmaster has allowed Eamon to have a good look at Kabul and the surrounding countryside.

"I think it’s fantastic this opportunity we have to see Afghanistan after 13 years of Australians being here."

"It's really exciting to see how the country is raising itself up."

Eamon has also tried to pick up some of the language from the local Afghans.

"I was really surprised by how friendly they are," he said.

"Every time I speak to them I try to learn some of the language but a lot of them like to play around and speak really fast."

"They are a lot smarter than we give them credit for."

This is Eamon’s second time overseas with the Australian Defence Force.

Eamon deployed to Iraq in 2007 and said his parents Catherine and Andrew were now a little more comfortable with the idea of him serving his country abroad.

"They seem to understand things a bit more now that it’s my second deployment but they were still pretty nervous about it," he said.

"They have been really supportive; I try to get on Skype and talk to my dad and little sister as much as I can."

Eamon has spent about two months in Afghanistan and is due to be home December next year.

He is one of about 420 Australian personnel who are based at Kabul and Kandahar, Afghanistan, to support the ISAF train, advise and assist mission.