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Cameron Earl - Rosanna

Sergeant Cameron Earl from the Australian Army Band Sydney, was one of 70 selected musicians who embarked on a trip of a life time to play at the Basel International Tattoo in Switzerland.

Cameron, from Rosanna in Melbourne, has been in the Army and a member of the Australiuan Army Band for 34 years.

He attended Rosanna East High School and University High School in Parkville and is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts.

He joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 1996.

"I was in the Air Force playing music until 2002 and then transferred to the Army Band," Sergeant Earl said.

"As the Army has a larger number of musicians there’s a lot more places you can work from and more jobs you can do within the bands."

The best aspect of his job as a musician in the Army he said was entertaining people.

"It’s my first love to play music and have the audience to enjoy what we do," he said.

"It’s a very rewarding job in that sense, as we get an initial reaction to what we do.

"In comparison to other types of work where an email is sent off and you get feedback two weeks later." 

At the tattoo he will play trumpet and arranged all of the music for the marching displays for the tour.

"As we are playing in a few different venues we need to make sure the music works in a lot of different situations," Cameron said.

He said the highlight of the Swiss tour for him would be the first tattoo performance.

"It’s going to be broadcast on Swiss television and it will be great to get the initial reaction from the audience when we go out there," Cameron said.

"We’ll be trying to get them on board with our Australiana theme and I know the Swiss love our Australian sense of humour."

The 70 musicians were selected from all 11 sub-units of the Australian Army Band and will perform more than 20 times, playing public concerts and feature as one of the major acts of the tattoo’s 15 performances.