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Kasey Senior – Shepparton’s Angel Of Mercy

A former player for Shepparton United (Soccer Club) has been at sea in a warship kicking goals with the Navy in a disaster relief operation called Operation Philippines Assist.

Kasey Senior is a sailor on board the transport ship, HMAS Tobruk, which has supported disaster relief operations following Typhoon Haiyan in November.

Tobruk has played an important role delivering supplies and equipment to the victims of the typhoon, but is now on its way back to Australia, which means Kasey will be home in time for Christmas.

“I have so many stories to tell my family and friends,” she said.

The former student at Wanganui Park Secondary College said she feels a great deal of pride being in the Navy and helping people less fortunate.

“There is no greater feeling than representing Australia and the Australian Defence Force, especially on humanitarian relief operations such as this,” she said.

“It’s been an awesome experience that I will never forget.”

Kasey has been in the remote islands north of Cebu, helping to distribute more than 110 tonnes of humanitarian aide on behalf of the World Food Programme (WFP) and the Government of the Philippines.

“The stores were for the people who live on remote islands which had not yet received much assistance since Typhoon Haiyan,” she said.

Kasey, who is a Navy steward with the rank of able seaman, said this was her second overseas deployment this year.

“I took part in a medical mission called Exercise Pacific Partnership in Papua New Guinea only a few months ago,” she said.

Kasey can highly recommend a career in the ADF for young people who live in the country and want to explore the world.

“I joined the Navy to travel around the globe with lots of really good mates,” she said.
Tobruk has completed her mission in the Philippines and is returning to Australia, with a load of Army engineer machinery, vehicles and 35 Army personnel.
The drawdown of Australian military assistance comes as the Philippine Government was returning to normal operations and further international aid assistance was arriving.
Key infrastructure, such as schools, hospitals and power, are gradually being restored which are all key indications the time has come for ADF military forces to begin to return home.
Since commencing operations on November 28, the work of Australian Government staff, Army engineers and Navy sailors has cleaned-up and repaired 13 schools, ensuring 175 classrooms were available for use by 14,500 students.