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Tyson Newcombe - Colac

When 23-year-old Tyson Newcombe jumped in a car for a road trip from Colac around Australia with his mate little did he realise he would end up in the Navy and at the other end of the country.

Tyson said the road trip led to him living in Darwin and a few years later, he is now posted to the Northern Territory capital as an Able Seaman Boatswains Mate with the Navy.

Tyson felt a career with the Navy would offer stability, great training and unique experiences when he joined the service in 2010.

He had previously worked in the mining industry and was keen to find a job that would offer some security for his family, including partner Rebecca and daughter, Matilda.

Tyson said his role is varied and each day is different.

“I am part of the security element in a boarding party,” he said.

“When we are boarding a foreign vessel, I am required go onboard the vessel first, to communicate with the passengers, make sure they’re calm and secure and ensure that it is safe for the rest of my team to board,” he added.

“I am also the Navigation Yeoman, which means I am responsible for maintaining and updating the navigational equipment onboard,” he said.

Tyson is also the boat coxswain, performs seamanship evolutions such as rope work and helmsman duties as well as playing a key part of the Standing Sea Fire Party.

In his spare time, Tyson enjoys motocross and side car racing, socialising with mates and spending time with his daughter, Matilda.

Tyson was awarded his Operation Service Medal (OSM) from his Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Paul Welsh in Darwin recently.