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Saxon Bartlett

Ararat local, Saxon Bartlett, has his sights firmly on the horizon as he takes the next step toward a demanding career as a Clearance Diver with the Royal Australian Navy.

19-yea-old Saxon has recently graduated from 11 weeks of initial training at the RAN Recruit School at HMAS Cerberus, Victoria. With his Grandfather and Great Grandfathers all having served in the Brisith Army in both World Wars, he felt their experiences were a big influence on his decision to the join the Navy.

“It makes me feel proud to know they fought for the rights and freedoms we have today and that they put their own life at risk for their country”, Saxon said.

While undergoing his initial training Saxon has learnt new skills including First Aid, Ships Safety and Survivability, Survival at Sea and a new appreciation for self discipline. He’s had many memorable moments shared with the other 77 members of his graduating Division, having learnt to live and train in a close knit environment and to overcome obstacles as a team.

“The relationships you make here at Recruit school are like no other because you all go through so much together. Everyone pulls together and you end up making mates for life.”

“I found being away from home the hardest because I have such a close knit family. Not being able to see them and my partner was a challenge, but it gave me motivation to work harder and push further.”

Saxon will now commence his training to become a qualified Clearance Diver which involves specialist diving missions, surface and underwater demolitions, the rendering safe and disposal of conventional explosive ordnance and conducting underwater damage repair.

While Saxon finished his VCE last year and held part time work until he could join Navy, he now has new goals to achieve and look forward to.

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people, learning new skills, travelling and always doing something physically and mentally challenging.”

“What I’m most looking forward to now is seeing my family. I have six siblings and we’re all very close, so it’s great to see them all and catch up on what they’ve all been doing whilst I’ve been away.”