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David North - Hobart

Reserve Air Force officer, Flight Lieutenant David North has found himself working with old friends supporting the Queensland Police Service (QPS) for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Flight Lieutenant North, a Tasmania Police officer in his day job, spent the first ten years of his policing career working for QPS before moving south to raise his family.

Eight years on and Flight Lieutenant North from the 2nd Health Expeditionary Squadron, has returned to the sunny state with the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

"I have deployed to the Gold Coast as a venue searcher conducting vehicle searches with a team of RAAF and Army personnel from all over Australia," Flight Lieutenant North said.

The former QPS Sergeant didn't expect his old colleague, QPS officer Sergeant Ken Leitch, to be assigned to work at the same vehicle check point.

At first it may not seem like a coincidence, however both officers specialise in crime scene forensic investigation: not a typical role found at a high profile sporting event.

Flight Lieutenant North and Sergeant Leitch said their specialist skills and experience in search are useful and being put to use to ensure public safety.

"We are passionate about public safety and security and think what we're doing here is very important," Flight Lieutenant North said.

"It's fantastic that we [Defence] get to work alongside the police and that I get to work alongside an old friend."

Each day, Flight Lieutenant North said contractors, officials, athletes and visitors pass through the established vehicle check points to be screened for security.

"The screening process requires interaction with different people in potentially dangerous scenarios, yet it involves nothing either profession isn't trained to deal with," he said.

Flight Lieutenant North said the police and the ADF have a similar mindset and attitude towards public safety but can also learn from one another when working together.

"The police are excellent at interacting with people; the military are trained in de-escalation but don't often have the chance to work day-in and day-out with the public."

"Working together here we are learning from one another and are strengthening our already good working relationship."

There are more than 1000 ADF personnel deployed to Brisbane supporting the 2018 Commonwealth Games in various logistical, operational, support and transport roles.