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Kerri Adams - Adelaide

An Air Force Personnel Capability Specialist (PCS) from Adelaide misses her family, the AFL and camping in the Flinders Ranges, but she is proud to be deployed to the Middle East region.

At one of the main coalition bases in the Middle East, Sgt Kerri Adams, of the Air Intelligence Training Unit, provides administrative support to about 25 Australians working with the operational headquarters of Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR).

She also supports a similar number of Australians embedded with CJTF-OIR in Baghdad.

Australia's contribution to the Operation Inherent Resolve is Operation Okra, which has about 600 ADF personnel deployed, the majority based in Iraq with Task Group Taji, a combined Australian-New Zealand unit training the Iraqi Security Forces.

Sgt Adams said that working in the US-led coalition environment gave her a greater understanding of the ADF's role in the region.

"I enjoy performing my duties in an operational role and it has also shown me the amount of influence Australian embeds have in the CJTF-OIR," she said.

"I'm proud to see what they have achieved in their important roles and with me looking after their administration they can concentrate on their primary tasks and the CJTF-OIR mission."

The CJTF-OIR mission reflects the commitment of the many nations in the region and around the globe to eliminate the terrorist group Daesh and the threat they pose in Iraq, Syria, the region and the global community.

It also symbolises the dedication of the coalition to work closely with friends in the region and apply all available dimensions of national power necessary – diplomatic, informational, military and economic to degrade and ultimately destroy Daesh.

The 75-member coalition (71 countries and 4 organisation), formed in 2014, is the largest international coalition in history.

Over 30 military partners are continuously working to reduce the threat Daesh poses to international security.

While deployed, Sgt Adams's eldest son Connor lives in Yorktown and attends TAFE in Kadina, South Australia and her youngest son Chase is at home with his father WOFF Ben Adams, of the Joint Electronic Warfare Operational Support Unit, at DST Group Edinburgh.

Sgt Adams said she knew it would be hard deploying to the Middle East away from her family.

"We work 12-16 hours-a-day, so I don't have time to think about my family too much, but there are times when I miss them, talking about the footy and giving my boys a hug.

"We use the internet to chat every day, which makes a world of difference to how we feel, and I think Ben has a new appreciation for the work I do at home when he goes away."

Sgt Adams said the best parts of her Air Force career were the friendships formed during the past 29 years and the travel.

"Although there have been challenges, I've gained many skills and take pride in wearing the uniform," she said.

"This unique deployment is definitely the highlight of an enjoyable career."