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Brendan Winter - Naracoorte

Australian Army soldier Private Brendan Winter provides force protection at the Taji Military Complex, Iraq. Originally from Naracoorte in South Australia, PTE Winter is part of a company of infantryman who provide force protection to Task Group Taji trainers who train members of the Iraqi Army.

Australian and New Zealand trainers instructing Iraqi Security Forces in Iraq are being supported by a group of infantryman who provide security. The infantrymen watch for any threat and provide oversight while the combined training team does its job. The infanteers' work is essential in ensuring the safety of the Australian and New Zealand trainers and the Iraqi trainees.

The Iraqi Security Forces continue to be trained by Task Group Taji personnel from Australia and New Zealand at the Taji Military Complex in Iraq as part of the broader international Building Partner Capacity (BPC) mission. The training includes weapon handling, building clearances and obstacle breaching techniques; as well as training in the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for squad through to company-level operations to use in their fight against Daesh.

Task Group Taji's BPC contribution is part of Australia's broader Defence contribution to Iraq, codenamed Operation OKRA, which includes a Special Operations Task Group and an Air Task Group.