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Troy Clarke - Adelaide

Former Adelaide Hills local and Army armourer Craftsman Troy Clarke is receiving unexpected help when he looks at troublesome Iraqi weapons at the Taji Military Complex near Baghdad.

"The Iraqis really want to get in there with you and help out when you’re trying to find the problem with their guns," Troy said.

"But that's not too bad because they really listen when you show them how to fix it."

As an armament fitter, Troy is normally responsible for repairing and inspecting Australian pistols, rifles and larger weapon systems.

However, in Iraq, he also inspects and helps repair Iraqi weapons.

"If something breaks the Iraqis will bring it over and we’ll inspect it," he said.

"Then we'll tell them what's wrong, how to fix it and give them any mechanical advice.

Troy left Blackwood High and joined the Army in 2009 when he was 17-years-old.

He started out as a Gunner in artillery but later transferred to become an armourer and learn a trade.

Craftsman Clarke works along side another Australian and one Kiwi armourer as part of Task Group Taji, the combined Australian – New Zealand training force for the Iraqi security services.

When not helping Iraqi soldiers, Troy and the other armourers are busy making sure the Australian and New Zealander’s weapons are in good shape.

"We service them, re-oil springs, gauge, measure and ensure nothing wears out," he said.

Normally based in Brisbane, Troy said he was ecstatic to find out he would be deploying to Iraq.

"I was really stoked," he said.

"It was an indication they can rely on you to do your job during the real thing.

"This is probably one of the best jobs you can do in the Army."