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LACW Jess Scully - Lewiston

A former Trinity College student from Lewiston is making a name for herself in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

Leading Aircraftwoman (LACW) Jess Scully joined the Air Force two years ago at age 21 and is today posted to RAAF Base Edinburgh in South Australia.

Jess is a watchkeeper at RAAF Edinburgh base command post, which means it is her job to be the liaison support person for aircraft movements in and out of the air base.

Jess, who attended Trinity College from Year 9, and represented the college at netball, is responsible for dealing with, and coordinating, any incidents at the air base involving military aircraft.

"Last year, when I'd only been in the RAAF a year, I received a call from the Air Traffic Controllers to say that a P3 Orion surveillance aircraft was on its way in with two of its four engines out," she said.

"So I rang the people on the call-out list, such as the fire fighters, 92 Wing and the base executive officer, to let them know what was happening.

"When the Air Traffic Controllers rang back to say the P3 Orion had landed safely I advised everyone they could stand down.

"It certainly gets your heart racing but I felt confident from all my training that I could handle these types of situations."

Jess said she joined the RAAF for experience, travel, making new friends and gaining valuable skills and knowledge.

"I can really recommend a career in the RAAF for young people looking for travel, friendships and trips away," she said.