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Kenn Melksham - Townsville

At one of the key military bases in Afghanistan an Australian soldier from Townsville has hit a chord with the local choir.

Since February, Corporal Kenn Melksham, of the Theatre Communications Group, has been deployed on Operation Highroad at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul.

By day, he is a communications security account manager and part of the team responsible for Task Group Afghanistan's transmissions and communication links.

But on Sunday nights, Cpl Melksham has a completely different role.

He is a vocalist and guitarist with the Rally Point Chapel choir.

Cpl Melksham said he was singing with the congregation of coalition soldiers and civilian contractors during a Sunday night service when he noticed the choir were singing Australian songs from Hillsong Church and Planetshakers Church.

"I knew a lot of the music and someone heard me singing, so I was invited to join the choir," he said.

"I've been playing guitar for more than 20 years and play for the Connect Church in North Ward, so it was easy to pick up the instrument and join in.

"It's a great way to meet new people and see the world is bigger than my office – it also gives me a sense of normality and a taste of home."

The Theatre Communications Group is a joint ADF unit responsible for the provision of national and welfare communications and information systems to deployed Australians throughout the Middle East.

Cpl Melksham described the team of communications specialists as the glue holding the units in the region together.

"Being a part of the NATO-led Resolute Support train, advise and assist mission has given me a chance to understand what is happening in Afghanistan and how Australians and the coalition are assisting the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces.

"It's amazing – every nation involved in the mission has a part to play, and it's shown me Australia is an extremely respected member of the coalition.

"By sharing our knowledge, the Afghan National Army will become a better organisation, able to provide enhanced security for their country."

Australia's commitment to the Resolute Support mission includes about 300 ADF personnel deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Highroad.

Cpl Melksham, who normally works at Lavarack Barracks with 3rd Combat Signal Regiment, said he missed his wife Anna who was about to give birth to their third child.

"I'm looking forward to meeting my second daughter in June," he said.

"I plan to be home on leave in time for the birth and look forward to catching up with my son Callum (14) and my daughter Abigail (7), who's been toughing it out with an infected finger.

"Anna's been very busy while I've been deployed."