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Rebecca Draheim - Moreton Bay

Sitting behind a desk wasn't for Morton Bay's Rebecca Draheim who left her career-path in urban planning to plan aviation missions for the Australian Army.

She is now in Brisbane with her unit, 5th Aviation (5 AVN) Regiment, providing support to the Queensland Police Service (QPS) for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

"It's jobs like this which reinforce I made the right decision to join," Trooper Draheim said.

After studying urban planning at Queensland University of Technology, Trooper Draheim took a sabbatical to work on the Gold Coast as a Travel Administrator.

Here, she fell in love with the idea of a job that took her away from the office and started thinking more about a career in the military.

In 2015 a trip to Gallipoli for Anzac Day cemented her decision to join.

"I felt so proud being in Gallipoli on Anzac Day - it was definitely the tipping point for me after considering it for such a long time," she said.

Joining in 2016 as a Groundcrewman Mission Support, Trooper Draheim said her new role is anything but mundane.

"I'm responsible for operating and maintaining the communications equipment while also providing mission planning, briefing and operational support to our Aircrew," Trooper Draheim said.

Her unit has deployed to Brisbane with a squadron of Multi Role Helicopter (MRH90) aircraft  to support the QPS Special Emergency Response Teams with incident response.

Trooper Draheim has been working hard to ensure the pilots and aircrew are well prepared so that when the time comes everything runs smoothly.

"We're establishing mission plans, pre-determining and reconnoitring landing sites around the Gold Coast so that our pilots know where to land," she said.

Having only just completed her trade training a year ago, Trooper Draheim is excited to be supporting such a big event so close to home.

"When I found out I would be supporting the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast I called my mum straight away," she said.

Trooper Draheim and the rest of 5 AVN will continue to support QPS with security preparations as part of a wider national security plan involving 1000 ADF personnel, Australian Border Force and Australian Federal Police.