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Matthew Lloyd - Toowoomba

Former Toowoomba local Lieutenant Matthew Lloyd RAN hasn't let the nation separate him from his desire to go back to sea.

After graduating from Junior Warfare Application Course at HMAS Watson in NSW in June this year, Matthew set out for a 5,000km motorbike ride across Australia to resume his passion for salt water.

His aim was to join the crew of Auxiliary Oil Replenishment Ship HMAS Sirius in Perth as one of the Royal Australian Navy's newest Maritime Warfare Officers.

"As a Maritime Warfare Officer, I am primarily responsible for executing the Navigation Plan of Sirius to ensure she gets to where she needs to be in a timely and safe manner," Lieutenant Lloyd said.

"After I have completed serving on Sirius, I will commence specialisation training as a Navigator on one of the RAN's Hydrography Ships based out of Cairns.

"I am excited about my career, because of my service has allowed me to visit many beautiful places within Australia and beyond."

HMAS Sirius departed its home port of HMAS Stirling in August and will return home in December.

During this time the ship is conducting a number of port visits in the South East Asian region, plus she will continue to conduct the exacting task of underway replenishment, where Sirius sails in close company with a naval vessel to transfer fuel via hose lines and a ship's helicopter transfers food and supplies via an underslung net.

One notable event occurred on Sirius' latest cruise was her 500th replenishment at sea, which was undertaken with the Royal Australian Navy guided missile frigate HMAS Melbourne.

HMAS Sirius is currently participating in Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2017, a regional deployment running from September to November 2017, focussed on security cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief exercises.