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Celine Parrey - Townsville

Townsville Army Corporal Celine Parrey has always loved to help people, something she is regularly doing through her deployment on Operation Highroad.

The 30-year-old Administration Clerk recently deployed to Camp Qargha near Kabul, Afghanistan, as the administration clerk for the Australian Defence Force personnel located at the base.

Corporal Parrey is responsible for administering the Australian personnel deployed to the camp, and is the first point of call for any questions they may have about their conditions of service or movements.

“Without administration support, the Army stops,” she said.

“We wouldn’t have any way of tracking and administering people, there wouldn’t be any benefits and we wouldn’t be able to ensure our people are at the standard they are meant to be.

“The combat force is on the front line, but the administration staff are here to ensure they are looked after and have everything they need to do their job.”

The prospect of a job which offered unusual opportunities and didn’t limit her to one location appealed to Corporal Parrey before she joined the Army in 2011.

“There are so many opportunities in a career with the Army which aren’t available in civilian employment,” she said.

“It’s a stable career and we’re paid to keep fit, along with all of the other benefits of wearing the uniform.

“I’ve made some great life-long friends throughout my career.”

When she returns home to Townsville in 2018, Corporal Parrey is looking forward to seeing her three-year old daughter Dakoda and her husband Shane.

“This deployment was a great opportunity for me, but it’s hard to endure without my family,” she said.

“I’m lucky that my partner is ex-infantry and understands the situation better than most partners, and knows what it’s like, so he can offer great support to me.”

About 270 ADF personnel are deployed in the Kabul, Bagram and Kandahar regions as part of Operation Highroad, Australia's contribution to the NATO led Resolute Support mission.