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Mitchell Woodward - Caloundra

Mitchell Woodward grew up in Caloundra dreaming of joining the Royal Australian Air Force.

After graduating from Pacific Lutheran College in 2010, Flight Lieutenant Woodward attained a degree in aeronautical engineering at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

"I wanted to do something that would help others," he said.

"The Air Force can get things to people on the other side of the world and make a difference.

"The Air Force is also interesting from an engineering point of view."

After about three years of service following graduation, Flight Lieutenant Woodward deployed to the Middle East to oversee maintenance of ground equipment and the fire fighters at Australia's main base in the region.

He has been kept busy as the officer in charge of Operations Support Flight and as the senior maintenance manager.

"Most of my work is talking with customers and reporting on progress of work we're carrying out," he said.

"I'll also manage future requirements and the integrity of our processes from a regulatory standpoint."

Flight Lieutenant Woodward is coming to the end his deployment on Operation Accordion and is due home soon.

"It's been great seeing how what we do in the Middle East benefits our personnel and it's nice to assist the other units operating here," he said.

"I make sure the work we need to get done, gets done safely and correctly, so the units here can get their job done."

Getting home will give him a chance to visit parents Jennifer and Trevor back home in Caloundra.

"They were really supportive about me coming over here," he said.

"Mum was naturally anxious with me heading overseas on a deployment for the first time, but she knows the RAAF is a professional organisation."