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Amanda Bow - Ferny Grove

Ferny Grove local Amanda Bow has dreamed of an exciting and challenging job in the medical field since she was three years old.

Fast forward to today, the 28 year-old Royal Australian Air Force medic is deployed on Operation ACCORDION, Australia"s support to operations in the Middle East region, which has provided her an experience she says "ticks all of the boxes".

Corporal (CPL) Bow is deployed as the Outpatient Corporal in the medical facility at Australia's main operating base in the Middle East region, Camp Baird.

"My role includes running the outpatients department, managing both my team and the pharmacy, and providing on-base accident and domestic response, as well as treating any patients who come through the door," CPL Bow said.

"The best thing about my job is getting to help people when they need it the most.

"I recently provided an aero-medical evacuation response, which is definitely a memory I will retain for a long time."

CPL Bow's path to her current employment wasn't the usual story because she swapped from a green uniform to blue.

"Initially, I joined the Army in 2006 as a medic," she said.

"In 2014 I decided I wanted to take on a different role and work in aviation medicine so I transferred to the RAAF.

"Both services offer so much variety in the type of work we do, it's always challenging, and at the end of the day, we're doing something worthwhile to help other people."

As part of their deployed training commitments, medical personnel joined with the rest of their deployed unit, the Expeditionary Airbase Operations Unit, for an evacuation handling centre practice.

"During the practice, we provided medical care to role-players in a number of different scenarios, and we were prepared to offer care to any supervising staff if they required it," CPL Bow said.

"It's important that we conduct training while deployed to make sure our team works as a cohesive unit, as well as getting rid of any kinks in our processes."

Now over half-way through her deployment, CPL Bow heads home to the RAAF Base Amberley medical centre, located outside of Ipswich, and her "fur baby" Teemo later in the year.

"I end up getting home on my birthday, so I'm looking forward to spending the day with my friends and family," she said.

"I also can't wait to hug Teemo. I've missed him so much!"

Expeditionary Airbase Operations Unit personnel deployed on Operation ACCORDION support and sustain Australian Defence Force operations in the Middle East region, enable contingency operations and enhance regional relationships.

There are about 500 ADF personnel deployed on Operation ACCORDION throughout the region.