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Adrianna Rogers – Mackay

For Craftsman Adrianna Rogers, there's nothing better than getting to grips with the mechanics of an Army truck, her hands covered in grease.

The 23-year old vehicle mechanic is currently deployed with Task Group Taji Rotation Four – a combined force of Australian and New Zealand Defence Force personnel on a training mission in Iraq, near Baghdad.

For the next few months, she's based at the Taji Military Complex as part of Operation Okra – Australia's contribution to the international coalition effort to defeat the Daesh terrorist group.

As a mechanic, Adrianna is based in the task group's workshop, where she keeps Protected Mobility Vehicles – called PMVs – on the road.

"As a heavy diesel mechanic our job can change from day to day," Adrianna said.

"Today, for example, we're pulling apart a suspension system to change out the shock absorbers on a PMV.

"The maintenance work we do on the vehicles makes a big difference. It allows the training teams to do their job out on the range with the Iraqis."

Growing up, Adrianna attended Mackay North State High School and was a dedicated hocky player.

She became interested in a military career at the age of six, when her dad took her to a career exposition where the army had a display.

"It just so happened that the soldier on the army stand was a vehicle mechanic," she said.

"Once I realised I could be a mechanic myself, there was no stopping me - I joined the army as soon as I could when I left school at 18."

Since then, Craftsman Rogers – as she's known in the army – has worked on a range of Australian army vehicles including aircraft loaders and forklifts as well as PMVs.

As part of her army training, she has completed a Certificate Three in Heavy Road Transport and a Certificate Two in Automobile Air Conditioning.

Before she deployed to Iraq, she also received medical and intelligence training as part herpreparation.

"I love the mateship and the lifestyle," she said.

"The fact that I get to do my job representing my country in Iraq gives me the best job satisfaction I could hope for.

"I also appreciate the support I get back from my family at home, especially my stepmother Joanne and my father.

"I can't wait to thank them for their support in person, when I get back home from this deployment."