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Sean Perrett - Cairns

Able Seaman Sean Perrett joined HMAS Arunta in September 2016 and is responsible for the operation of communications equipment.

He is part of the 191 member crew that deployed in November 2016 bound for Operation MANITOU - Australia's contribution to counter terrorism, counter piracy and narcotics interdiction improving stability in the Middle East region.

ABCIS Perrett joined the Navy in 2012 from Cairns, Queensland at the age of 18. Although he didn't have any immediate family who had served in the ADF, he was attracted to the Navy to learn IT, travel overseas, lead a healthy lifestyle, serve his country and gain a greater appreciation of global issues.

This is ABCIS Perrett's first posting on board Arunta, an Anzac Class frigate, having previously served on Armidale Class Patrol Boats operating out of Darwin and Cairns.

"The Anzac Class ships are a bit different to the patrol boat lifestyle," ABCIS Perrett said.

"The Communications Centre has had various upgrades and there are more types of communications equipment and circuits to maintain and operate."

ABCIS Perrett served on the patrol boat HMAS Armidale in 2013.

The boat was the first and at that time the most advanced of the Armidale Class.

He saw it as a challenging and rewarding experience setting to work the new systems and being a part of Australia's border defence.

"It was a privilege to serve and share experiences with the various crew members onboard the patrol boat," he said.

ABCIS Perrett believes it is an interesting time to serve in the Middle East region where Australia is helping to counter the flow of illegal drugs and weapons.

ABCIS Perrett is looking forward to an occasional shore visit after long patrols.

This nine month deployment will be Sean’s longest time away from home compared to two months on other trips.

HMAS Arunta deployed from Garden Island, Rockingham, Western Australia and is the 64th Royal Australian Navy ship to be deployed to the region since 1990.

Arunta operates as part of the multi-national Combined Maritime Forces, supporting international efforts to promote maritime security, stability and prosperity in the MER.