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Melinda Bridge - Townsville

A volunteer for Legacy since 2013, she was eager to continue helping her local fundraising committee and decided to order a small shipment of Legacy merchandise to help further promote the 2016 theme, "For each serving Australian who RISKS everything – a family does the same."

Legacy Week, held from August 28 to September 3, sees a continuation of the 'risk' campaign.

"The risk is faced not only by every member of our Australian Defence Force – but also their families – each and every time they put on a uniform," LACW Bridge said.

Whether on deployment, peacekeeping, peace enforcing or disaster relief, when an Australian Defence Force member goes to work, there is risk they may not return.

LACW Bridge is spreading the word about this unique Australian charity and even sought support from her coalition colleagues.

"I love meeting people and enjoy it when those who see me selling merchandise come over, not only to support Legacy, but also to have a chat and tell me their story," she said.

"United States Air Force personnel are also interested to learn what Legacy is and how it operates.

"After I explain the role of Legacy to them and how they look after service families they are very quick to support the cause."

"Also being very patriotic they all want "Teddy Bears" in uniform and a large number of my pins, which sell out quickly.

The charity supports ADF families in times of need during and after their loved one's active service.

"The 'Badge of Legacy' symbolises, in its torch, the undying flame of service and sacrifice," LACW Bridge said.

"This flame of service is passed on by all who have served and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

"I believe supporting Legacy is the least I can do to help the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice."

The loss of a close friend who deployed with her on her last deployment, led Mel to make her involvement with Legacy a personal goal.

She endeavours to do as much as she can to help those families who need support and looks forward to continuing that role for many years.