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Cassandra Rice - Gold Coast

Australian Army Corporal Cassandra Rice holds a unique position while deployed on Operation Accordion at Camp Baird in the Middle East region.

CPL Rice is one of the three postal operators who coordinate all outgoing and incoming mail to for deployed personnel.

Her main role is to run the base post office.

"I joined the Army in 2010 after I travelled the world on a six year working holiday through the UK, US and Canada, after I completed school at Robina State High School on the Gold Coast," CPL Rice said.

"My reason for joining was I wanted to settle down and work in a job where I got paid to learn new skills and travel."

Her role in the ADF post office keeps her busy, often working seven days a week.

"I run the post ‘shop’, which sees me assisting ADF personnel here to send mail back to Australia," she said.

"I sell post boxes and give advice to customers on what they can and cannot send through the post and also help distribute the mail which comes in.

"I also like to have a chat with the customers."

It's her first deployment with the Army overseas and she likes the fact she helps bring happiness to other deployed ADF personnel.

"It's great to be doing my job on an operational deployment away from home," she said.

"I'm lucky; I get to see people's reaction after receiving a gift or care package from home.

"I feel like I'm the nicest person on base, it's also good for my morale and at times I feel like a female version of Santa."