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April Sadler - Blackwater

One sailor's mum is boosting a warship's morale while it is deployed to the Arabian Gulf with her home-made cookies.

Leading Seaman (LS) Communication Information Systems April Sadler is deployed aboard HMAS Melbourne, which is patrolling the Middle East region on Operation Manitou.

Her morale is already high as she was only married in January, but it is her mother Jackie Marsh of Blackwater, Queensland, who makes sure Melbourne's crew get a taste of home.

LS Sadler said on this deployment her mum had already sent nearly 600 of her cookies to be shared with the crew.

"On my last trip to the Middle East she sent about 3000," she said.

"It's unbelievable the amount of effort she puts-in to keep us happy during our watches at sea."

Operation Manitou is Australia's contribution to the multinational Combined Maritime Forces (CMF).

The CMF undertakes patrols in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf to intercept the trafficking of drugs that help fund international terrorism.

LS Sadler said she was following in her grandfather's footsteps and wanted to give back to the country when she joined the Navy in 2005.

"George Wilson was a marine technician and a cook during World War II and he died when I was 15," the former Blackwater State High School student said.

"In my role I am part of a team responsible for the Melbourne's telecommunications and information systems.

"I work with radios, computers and use visual signalling such as flags to communicate with other ships."

LS Sadler was posted to HMAS Parramatta, HMAS Newcastle and HMAS Albatross before joining Melbourne and said she has deployed on Operation Slipper, Operation Catalyst, Operation Resolute and now Operation Manitou.

"I am proud to serve my country and it's not just Australia we are helping," she said.

"The good work we are doing in the Middle East didn't hit home until Melbourne's last drug bust when I saw how much heroin we had confiscated.

"I thought about how much damage it could do and the lives we probably saved.

"It's why we are here and it means a lot."

On Melbourne's first patrol of 2015, the crew intercepted, boarded and searched a fishing dhow suspected of illegal activity in the Arabian Sea.

During the search 427kg of heroin was seized and brought onboard for identification and disposal.

The value of the drugs was close $127M AUD.

LS Sadler said she was looking forward to returning home.

"I had to return to the ship for the pre-deployment workups straight after my wedding," she said.

"When I return home my husband Rowan and I are planning to go to the Melbourne Grand Prix followed by an overseas holiday.

"Finally we will be going on our honeymoon."