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Troy Stow - Thursday Island

Sergeant Troy Stow is a Patrol Commander with C Company 51st Battalion, Far North Queensland Regiment, and leads patrols throughout the Torres Strait.

He said the majority of their work as Army Reservists is providing surveillance throughout the region mostly in support of Operation RESOLUTE, the ADF's contribution to the whole of government effort to detect and deter illegal activity in Australian waters and mainland.

"We conduct six-man patrols using 4.4m boats and other vehicles for surveillance throughout the Torres Strait," he said.

"On surveillance patrols we could be watching shipping channels or communities looking for things that are normal or out of the ordinary."

C Company is fortunate to have a lot of community support as they are well integrated into the community with most of the Indigenous soldiers in C Company born in the Torres Strait and live in the communities they operate in.

"The majority of C Company are Reserve soldiers that live in the Torres Strait and live in the communities," he said.

"We have a lot of interaction with all the communities because everybody knows everybody and that puts us in a better position to know where we need to be looking."

"C Company supports a few operations in the Torres Strait area. Some are within communities but we're also involved in Operation RESOLUTE watching our borders."

Troy has a long family connection to the Army which formed a part of his decision to follow in his grandfather, a World War II veteran recently honoured by the Prime Minister.

"My grandfathers were all part of the Torres Strait Light Infantry and my uncles, brothers and aunties have been a part of C Company over the years," he said.

"I'd heard a lot of their stories and took my opportunity to join up and do my bit."

"In the Torres Strait the general feeling is that C Company is a part of the community. We're proud of the history and are proud to keep that going."