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Peta Lockhart - Pittsworth

PITTSWORTH local and Army Sergeant Peta Lockhart helped entertain the Aussie troops deployed to the Middle East as part of Forces Entertainment tour from October 22-27.

Peta is normally a saxophone player but is working as a sound technician during this deployment.

"We set up the stage, sound check everyone and make sure everyone in the audience is going to be able to hear everything," she said.

"While they're playing we make sure everyone sounds awesome."

After finishing at Pittsworth State High School in 1997, Peta went to university and completed a Bachelor of Music before she joined the Army in 2001.

"I joined because you get paid to play music," she said.

"It's hard to get regular employment as a musician in the civilian world."

Peta has since deployed to Iraq, East Timor and this is year marks her third deployment to Afghanistan.

"At the end of the day our job is to entertain the troops," she said.

"Getting to do it in this setting is the end state and what we're here to do.

"On deployment you get to come over, see what it's like and be a part of it."

Though Peta is posted to Townsville, her father Harry still lives in Pittsworth.

"He loves that I'm in the Army," she said.

"We don't have a military background in our family but if your kids have a decent job and they're happy that's what a parent wants.

Peta has played saxophone for over 20 years and her musical interests aren’t restricted to jazz.

"It's all Queen and Billy Joel but I also have a massive love of jazz because I'm a sax player," she said.

"I pretty much love classic rock, 80's music and a bit of country too."

Whilst the best part of being in the Army for Peta is the friends she's made.

"It's the people, the mates, we’re a close unit," she said.

"You meet great people that are your friends for life.

"It's a great experience, you don't get to see a lot of the things we do in a normal job."

Australian entertainers and Australian Army musicians performed for deployed personnel in the Middle East Region (MER) during a Forces Entertainment Tour from October 22-27. The tour performed to Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel deployed to Australia’s main base in the MER then played to troops deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Slipper.

The tour featured Australian singers Jade Holland and Virginia Lillye who were backed by Army musicians from the First Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment.

Adam Rozenbachs entertained the crowds with his stand-up comedy and model Allira Cohrs was the MC for the events.