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Luke Poussart - Tambourine Mountain

Nuts, bolts and spanners aren't the only things on LAC Luke Poussart's mind since he deployed with six F/A-18F Super Hornets to the Middle East.

"Knowing you're doing something to protect people at home really motivates me," he said.

LAC Poussart and 14 other aircraft technicians are deployed with the Super Hornets to keep the jets at their peak despite the heat and dust.

"The heat and conditions are pretty different over here but the aircraft have been behaving pretty well for us so far," he said.

Conditions in the area could mean more frequent engine washes or servicing to check components, but at the moment LAC Poussart said the maintenance schedule would stay the same.

"Because we've never operated Supers in this type of environment we were not sure what to expect," he said.

"So we'll get through the deployment and from what we learn we'll know what to plan for next time."

Aircraft technicians are responsible for maintaining aircraft engines, hydraulics and mechanical systems.

LAC Poussart's first posting was to the Super Hornet Squadron four years ago.

Until recently he believed he may not get a chance to deploy on an operation.

"I never really thought I'd come overseas with Supers," he said. "It was definitely unexpected to come here."