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Wayne McMillan - Townsville

WARRANT Officer Class One (WO1) Wayne McMillan is finally taking a breath and looking forward to seeing his family as his deployment to the Middle East ends.

WO1 McMillan deployed to Operation SLIPPER with Force Support Unit-9 (FSU-9) in January and transitioned to the new Operation ACCORDION on 1 July when Australia's operations in the Middle East were redesigned.

The former Bowen, Ayr and Mackay resident is the Regimental Sergeant Major for FSU-9, a joint ADF unit that provides logistic support, personnel support and theatre induction training for Australian Defence Force elements in the Middle East Region.

Back for his third deployment in the Middle East, he says he loves his Army career that has taken his wife and five children across Australia.

"Personally, back home I have the best job in Army. I get to see some of the finest logistics officers and soldiers enhance Army's capability through the provision of sustainment operations," he said.

"During this deployment I have had the special privilege of being able to deploy with 147 very talented Officers, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Airwomen."

"My greatest highlight from this deployment has been playing a key part in the FSU-9 mission into the Middle East Region and taking up the challenges of a large deployment characterised by geographical complexities."

"We have achieved so much in a short time to support national interests, which includes the remediation and redeployment of materiel and personnel."

He said FSU-9's legacy will be how well they have left the future of logistics in an ever changing operational environment rather than their day-to-day operations.

Family is never too far from the senior soldier's mind and he admits he would struggle to do his job without the support of his wife and children.

"Knowing that I have their love and support, to me they are the ones that deserve the recognition and possibly the medals as they do it hard everyday, and without complaint."

"I owe my wife a Pacific cruise when I get home."

"I work with some fantastic people over here and their families are also the backbone of allowing them to do their jobs over here so professionally."

WO1 McMillan has no plans to hang up the boots just yet despite 23 years in the permanent force on top of five years in the Army Reserve from 1986 to 1990.