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Karen Ruprecht - Ipswich

Musician Karen Ruprecht from the Australian Army Band Brisbane, was one of 70 selected musicians who embarked on a trip of a life time to the Basel International Tattoo in Switzerland.

The music teacher from Ipswich has been an Army Reservist with Army Band Brisbane for more than four years.

"Music has always been my passion, I’ve played it for 23 years and it’s great to play it and serve as a member of the Army," Karen said.

"I play the bassoon and the clarinet and I’ve never travelled overseas with the Army band.

"When I was told I’d got the gig to Switzerland I felt total excitement.

"I was thrilled to be chosen and the more we rehearsed as a group the more I’ve realised how we are really flying the flag for Australia."   

For her the best aspect about being a member of the Army band was being a part of the public face of the Army.

"We’re promoting Australia and the Army as part of our performance by playing songs such as Home Among the Gum Trees, Happy Little Vegemites and Brown Slouch Hat," Karen said.

"It’s also being a part of the Army which is important and it has so much tradition and history.

"It makes me feel proud and it’ll be great to perform at the displays.

"I’ve heard the crowds at Basel are massive."

The 70 musicians were selected from all 11 sub-units of the Australian Army Band and will perform more than 20 times, playing public concerts and feature as one of the major acts of the tattoo’s 15 performances.