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Natalie Dajski - Townsville

Musician Natalie Dajski from the Australian Army Band Canberra, was one of 70 selected musicians who embarked on a trip of a life time to play at the Basel International Tattoo in Switzerland.

The 26 year-old grew up in Townsville and graduated from Pimlico State High School.

She also.

She’s been a musician for 17 years and attended the Brisbane Conservatorium of Music.

"My Dad, Sister and Brother were all Army Reservists and my Dad was in the 11 Brigade Army Reserve band in Townsville," Natalie said.

"When I left university I decided to join the Army and see Australia.

"Canberra is my first posting and now I’ve seen parts of NSW and South Australia I’d never seen before."

This will be the first overseas trip Musician Dajski has been on since she’s joined the Army.

On the tour she will play the clarinet.

"When I found out I was going I was really excited," Natalie said.

"One of the purposes of the Australian Army Band Corps is to be the face of Army in the public eye.

"To be selected to travel overseas and represent not only the Army but the Defence Force and Australia is something really special.

"It’s a new point in my career where I can prove myself and do something worthy.”

 Natalie said the best aspect of her job is the music.

"Playing music all day, every day is the best part of my job," she said.

"Working and living in Canberra I have so many fantastic opportunities to be involved with music.

"I love being busy and when I first got here Queen Elizabeth and President Obama visited Canberra.

"Here you get to see so many important people."

The highlight for Natalie on her trip to Switzerland will be being part of a team.

"The reaction from the crowds to the band representing the Army and Australia will be exciting," she said. 

"It will be great to see how well we will be received."

The 70 musicians were selected from all 11 sub-units of the Australian Army Band and will perform more than 20 times, playing public concerts and feature as one of the major acts of the tattoo’s 15 performances.