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Bryan John - Albany Creek

Despite the tropical heat you’ll find that Albany Creek’s Bryan John cracks a cheeky smile when he thinks of his family at home and listening to all the war stories from his brothers and uncles.

The 25-year-old former Albany Creek State High School student is an Army Engineer in the Australian Army and currently on deployment to East Timor with Pacific Partnership 2014.

Pacific Partnership is a multinational exercise designed to help host-nations in Southeast Asia and the Southwest Pacific through humanitarian assistance tasks and to practice the participating nations in their ability to work together in response to natural disasters.

Bryan is one of 43 Australian Defence Force personnel working in Dili.

In Bryan’s case he is busy tiling, rendering, scaffolding and undertaking carpentry tasks at Comoro Intermediate School where his team is building a kitchen for the many students who attend the school in shifts.

They are also building new ablutions facilities for the children of Farol Primary School

Bryan was following a long-standing family tradition when he joined the Australian Army in 2009.

Before him his grandfather, father, two uncles and two brothers had served in the Australian Army.

His uncles served in the Royal Australian Artillery and Royal Australian Ordnance Corps, while his father served for 20 years in the Army as signaller.

Both his brothers have served in the infantry.

"Joining the Army was not really a choice and it was pretty much what everyone in his family expected of me to do," he said.

"They pretty much talked me into it right from the get-go but I don’t regret that choice for one minute."

Bryan is normally posted to the Brisbane-based 21 Construction Squadron, 6 Engineer Support Regiment, and is his Timor-Leste deployment is his first overseas deployment.

The task has also given him the opportunity to broaden his craftsmen skills.

"Working with different defence force members on a task like this is very rewarding and I think that my skills as a carpenter are well utilised on exercises like these," he said.