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Liam Birch - Kelvin Grove

Former Newmarket soccer player Liam Birch is now kicking goals for his new team in East Timor.

The Kelvin Grove State School graduate is the youngest member of the Australian Defence Force contingent in Timor-Leste participating in Pacific Partnership 2014.

Pacific Partnership is an exercise that spans across the South East Asian region to provide humanitarian and civic assistance. Australian Defence Force construction engineers, medical practitioners have deployed to East Timor as part of Pacific Partnership.

21-year-old Liam is an Information Systems Technician with 1st Combat Signals Regiment, based in Darwin.

Very early in his life Liam was a member of the Newmarket Soccer Club in Brisbane. It was the teamwork and camaraderie that made him decide to sign up for service in the Defence Force.

He says one of the things he likes most about being in the Army is that you have to stay fit.

"I enjoy keeping fit and the Army provides me with a lot of opportunities to do that. It’s even more fun if you can do it as being part of a team," he said.

Liam is particularly proud of the crucial role he has to play for his mates in Pacific Partnership.

"One of my roles here is to set up and maintain an unclassified social media communications network for the deployed members to access," he said.

"The network gives members the ability to communicate via social media with their friends and families. I think it is an important motivating factor for everyone here," he said.

Liam only joined the Army in 2012 and Pacific Partnership is his first deployment.

"I am really enjoying East Timor, I have had the opportunity to go out and see some of the projects that my mates are working on. It is really good to see how well everyone works together and to see the progress they make," he said.