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Sam Greenland - Goondiwindi

Sam Greenland has gone from builder to body builder. The 25-year-old Royal Australian Navy Seaman from Goondiwindi is prepping for the International Natural Bodybuilding Australia (INBA) City Nationals to be held in Sydney on 1 June.

“It’s a competition where the best of the best for the first half of this year compete for the Season A title,” the former Goondiwindi State High School student said.

Sam recently competed alongside 300 fellow bodybuilders at the Melbourne INBA event. It was his first competition and was placed first in the novice division and fifth in the rookie open’s division.

“Training was intense,” Sam said.

“Every day came down to that two and a half hours in the gym, putting on my headphones, switching off and putting in 100 percent,” he said.

Sam is posted to the Navy Training Systems School at HMAS Watson in Sydney as a Combat Systems Operator.

It’s Sam’s job to provide naval commanders with clear and up-to date tactical information, collected from a variety of information sources, so they can plan defensive engagements while at sea.

Sam is an avid sportsman, having been a member of the Goondiwindi Swimming Club, Rugby Union and Rugby League clubs.

Before joining the Navy in 2012, Sam worked for Greg Gilbert Builders where he completed a carpentry apprenticeship.

“I moved to Brisbane in 2009 to work on high rise construction, working my way up to leading hand,” he said.

Sam admits he struggles to get back to Goondiwindi as much as he would like to.

“When I do get home I like water skiing at the local ski park, game hunting, playing footy with my mates and visiting good friends. I also miss cooking damper on a small campfire,” he said.