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Justin Dando - Wellington Point

After completing home economics cooking subject in year eight at Wellington Point State High School, Justin Dando knew his passion was in hospitality.

19-year-old Justin joined the Navy in 2012, as a Maritime Logistic Chef, allowing him to combine his passion for hospitality and his appreciation of growing up by the sea.

Currently serving on the Armidale Class Patrol Boat, HMAS Wollongong, in Northern Australian waters. Seaman Dando is progressing with his career and  extremely happy he is out on the sea cooking up a storm.

“It is amazing to be doing my job for real, cooking for my ship mates is my career highlight so far,” Justin said.

He finds cooking for a small crew very rewarding.

“You get to know the crew, and their likes and dislikes. You learn pretty quickly by preparing up to 90 meals a day,” he said.

Justin is the first person in his family to volunteer to join the Australian Defence Force. His parents Rick and D’Anne recall how proud they were to watch their son complete recruit school last year.

Justin is looking forward to Christmas leave so he can return to Wellington Point and spend time with his family and friends, and maybe even lend a hand in the kitchen for Christmas lunch now he is qualified chef.