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Ronny Turner - Redcliffe

Ronny Turner believes stories of his father’s younger days in the Navy influence him to take up a career at sea.

The 26-year-old Able Seaman from Redcliffe joined the Navy in 2009 and is now a Marine Technician embarked on HMAS Wollongong.

The former Redcliffe High School student has gained various qualifications to assist him in his trade as a Mechanical Fitter specializing in Electrical Maintainer.

“As a young boy I would hear the stories from my Dads days in the Navy and when I was looking for career stability, I looked into what the Navy had to offer,” Ronny said.

Ronny is now a vital member of ARDENT Three a patrol boat crew currently patrolling the Northern Australian waters in support border protection.

He works eight weeks on the boat and four weeks alongside in Cairns, where his family and boats home port is stationed.

Ronny, and the crew of HMAS Wollongong, is looking forward to his first international port visit to Indonesia.

“As a patrol boat sailor we work tirelessly protecting Australian waters and it is treat  to have an international port visit,” Ronny said.

In September Ronny will qualify for his Operational Service Medal (OSM) for his service to Operation Resolute also known as border protection operations.

He is looking forward to his off watch to have some quality time in Cairns with his wife Katrina and young boys.