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Luke Morris - Redland Bay

A 26-year-old former Redland Bay carpenter is participating in memorial services marking the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice.

Luke Morris is a Leading Aircraftsman in the Royal Australian Air Force and a member of Australia’s Federation Guard. He is one of 13 guardsmen currently in Korea supporting events to mark 60-years since the end of hostilities on the Korean Peninsula. They have been joined by Korean War veterans fro all over Australia.

Before his departure the former MacGregor State High School student said he was excited to be part of the commemorative services in Korea.

“I am looking forward to visiting Korea and the battlefields where many Australians fought and died. I am also looking forward to travelling with and hearing the stories from the veterans about their experiences in Korea,” Luke said.

Luke and his fellow guardsmen spent many long hours preparing for their visit to Korea. They rehearsed their drill many times over on the parade ground at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra and at the official opening and closing ceremonies of the Hall of Remembrance at the Australian War Memorial.

They were also given briefings on Korea and the War so we were fully aware of where we were going and the significance of the events we are commemorating.

Lindsay and other guardsmen were given a guided tour of the Korean War exhibition at the War Memorial and were joined by some Korean War veterans who explained aspects of the many exhibits.

Australia committed about 18,000 troops, ships and aircraft to Korea as a result of United Nations request. From the beginning of the war in 1950, until the Armistice on 27th Jul 1953, Australia suffered about 1600 casualties, including 339 killed in action. During the war, 30 personnel were captured, 29 were repatriated, and one died in captivity. Forty three personnel are registered as missing in action.