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Scott MacPherson - Maryborough

Navy Lieutenant and Maryborough resident, Scott MacPherson is a long way from the ocean.

The 34-year-old Maritime Logistics Officer is currently posted to land locked Afghanistan.

Scott is based at Headquarters Joint Task Force 633 in Kabul, 1400km from the nearest sea. The former Aldridge State High School student says working in Afghanistan is a unique opportunity for Navy personnel.

“We’re a bit more accustomed to Maritime Operations, so it’s a fantastic experience to see what land operations are all about,” Scott said.

However, he admits it’s not without its moments.

“Driving around in town is definitely an experience. You have to keep your wits about you,” he added.
Scott joined the Navy in 1996 as a Steward. He reached Petty Officer Steward and in 2009 applied to commission as a Naval Officer. He underwent training at HMAS Creswell at Jervis Bay and after graduating began a Supply Officers Application Course at HMAS Cerberus.

“We can be employed in a wide range of areas and often from our core responsibilities. Generally when we are at sea we are responsible for the delivery of all logistics support functions required by the ship’s company, from spare parts to meals,” he said.

Despite being at sea, Scott still has fond memories of growing up in Maryborough. The highlight of his childhood was racing go-carts at Action Park.

“It would make for some friendly banter at school the next day,” he said.

“And, apart from that, I would just run amok with my mates. I wasn’t what you would call and angel,” he added.

Scott has been on a number of operations and deployments, including Operation Catalyst to the North Arabian Gulf in 2003, Operation Quickstep to Fiji in 2006, Operation Resolute for Border Protection in 2007 and Operation Deluge during the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum in 2007.

At the end of his current posting Scott expects to be awarded the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, the NATO Medal and International Coalition Against Terrorism (ICAT) Clasp for the Australian Active Service Medal.